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I found Joe Dudak to be knowledgeable and helpful in making the best choices for my Medicare insurance needs. No pressure tactics just friendly advice and service.


A friend recommended Joe and he was awesome!! I retired July 1st and he assist with getting my application and enrollment in Medicare Advantage. He listened and heard what I needed. I highly recommend!!


Joe is very knowledgeable and has a great upbeat personality! He answered all of our questions and listened to our concerns and helped figure out what was best for us! No pressure tactics just friendly advice and service.


Joe Dudak is an awesome agent. He is on top of any question or concern that I have. He is helpful and kind. I recommend him to all my family and friends.


Joe is amazing. Never fails to call me back promptly. Answers msgs quickly. Very informative. Just an awesome person. Thanks Joe.


Joe Dudak is extremely knowledgeable re: Medicare and Medicare Supplemental insurances. Given his level of expertise, he can break it down to a level that non-insurance savvy people can understand. He does not try to hard sell any specific company or policy. He will work to tailor the best policy to meet your needs and budget. He's done a remarkable job for me and I have every confidence he'll do the same for you!

Dee Dee

Very pleased with Joe’s friendly and helpful demeanor. Appreciated his knowledgeable suggestions and how well he explains the information with how it relates to my needs.


I found Joe Dudak to be knowledgeable, helpful and patient. He was able to answer my questions and he was responsive after our meeting for additional questions. I would highly recommend him for insurance needs.


Very attentive to your needs and checks and gives correct answers as well as explanations in plain English. Have an will continue to recommend going with Joe. He's one of the best!!!


After information overload from sorting through hundreds of emails and voicemail messages, and digging ourselves out from under all the letters and brochures that jammed our mailbox for months, we knew we needed “Professional” help understanding how Medicare works and the difference with Medicare Advantage and supplement plans. Thanks to a chance meeting in a grocery store, we found Joe and arranged to hear what he had to say. Joe is knowledgeable and professional, yet his personable, down to earth manner put us immediately at ease.

We were quickly impressed with the way he listened to our medical care needs and requests and answered all our questions thoroughly before outlining our options. Joe was kind enough to explain the reasons behind his recommendation for us so we could see how well the specific plan fit our needs. It was obvious Joe was here to help us, and not try to sell us.

Lesson learned: If a stranger with a smiling face strikes up a conversation in a grocery store and then offers to help you with something, strongly consider taking them up on it. You might just be as lucky as we were and meet someone like Joe.

Martha M.

When I first met Joe Dudak I was just months out from qualifying for Medicare. I was so overwhelmed by all the phone calls and mailings that I couldn't comprehend much and was terrified of making a poor decision and would be stuck with that decision forever! Joe came over, sat at the kitchen table with my husband and I and spent the next 2 1/2 hours explaining so many things, answering all of our questions; helping us make informed choices that we could afford and live with. And the best part? Even now, if I have questions about my policy, I can call him and he'll help me with it! The friendly and helpful attitude didn't get "shut off" after we signed on the virtual dotted line! He is the real deal.

Diane J.

I called Joe 4 or 5 months before I turned 65 to ask a few questions about Medicare. Joe drove from Roanoke to my house in New Castle to talk with me about what I could expect when it came time to transition from my private insurance onto Medicare. He explained how Medicare works and why having something in addition to Medicare is essential. Joe was listening when I said I don't want restrictions regarding who I see for medical care. He showed me the pros and cons of Medicare Advantage and Medicare supplement plans. I decided on a supplement, and I'm glad I did. When it came time to get my Medicare supplement, the decision was obvious; I called Joe. He made Medicare easy.

Dale G.

I used a Medicare plan for one year, then was surprised to find out how high the prices increased the following year. I just coincidentally ran into Joe and he mentioned he could show me the Medicare Advantage plan and that it could, perhaps, be better. We met and after hearing very clear explanations of all the cost-saving benefits, I chose to change my plan to the Medicare Advantage plan. I am very happy with this change. One great benefit is Joe himself. He is ALWAYS available to answer questions and make complicated situations simple.

Kristen T.

I met Joe at a Medicare event and asked him some questions about my current Medicare benefits and if there were better options for my husband and me. About a week later, he drove to our house in Eagle Rock and sat down with us to discuss our current situation and explore options. Joe helped us get more benefits than we had, and he even got my husband (a veteran) a reduction in his Medicare premium. On top of that, he followed up with us to ensure we received the cards we were supposed to and took advantage of all the additional benefits. Joe is the best insurance agent I have ever had. I have already given some friends and family his card.

Joyce H.

Last winter, I slipped on some ice and broke my hip. Because of my injury, I spent a bunch of time in the hospital and rehabilitation. I called Joe from my hospital bed and told him what was happening. He paid attention to what I was saying and let me know what I could expect when I left the hospital and went into rehab for my injury. He followed up several times to be sure everything was going smoothly, and I was okay.

A couple of months after the hip incident, I needed major dental work and got a bunch of expensive quotes. I called Joe, and he put me in contact with Dr. Gallaher, my new dentist, and I could not be happier.

Brit W.